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Students elevated early on

On the first day of school, Elevate Education came to our school to run some study skills workshop for Years 7 - 10 students.

Year 7 completed Study Skills Kickstart. Here is some of the feedback received:

  • Really helpful especially because I am going to high school.

  • Helpful and well presented. I was engaged the entire time.

  • That you need to take notes with everything especially when given tests.

  • Trigger words

  • How to scan and recognise key points and ideas.

  • Mind maps

Year 8 completed Junior Time Management. Some of their feedback included:

  • This was very good and was even better with a young presenter because he was very active and easy to understand.

  • To study more because it is useful.

  • How to do hard things first in homework.

Year 9 completed Memory Mnemonics. Some of their feedback included:

  • This program was really good. He showed really good tips on how to do things. It was really good.

  • That I should put away my phone and have a good study environment.

  • How to memorise things better - imagination/mind pictures

  • It was interesting today and gave us things to be interested about.

  • Peg word method

  • Better techniques on how to actually remember things.

Year 10 completed Study Sensei. Their feedback included:

  • Great! But ran over time.

  • I thought it was very informative and good.

  • How to memorise.

  • It was good and well explained until the end.

  • How to take notes.

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