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‘Synergy’ Student Leaders Breakfast

‘Synergy’ Student Leaders (2018) Breakfast – 7 November

This event brought together the student leadership teams from all five ATICS (Association of Christian Teachers in Illawarra Christian Schools). Nowra Christian School sent our six elected prefects to participate in this important program. Our students were Rachel Hill, Elizabeth Curline, Jasmine Dickinson, Lachlan White, Noah McMillan and Caleb Mackie. As a staff member, it gave me great pleasure to observe the relaxed collegial manner in which the student leaders from all five schools came together to enjoy each other’s company and to engage in animated conversation. It confirmed for staff from each school that the important area of student leadership was, indeed, in competent hands for the 2018 school year.

On this occasion the Breakfast was hosted by Southern Highlands Christian School located in Bowral. They certainly provided everyone present with a delightful meal – it was a very pleasant way in which to begin the day!

Jasmine Dickinson has included a summary of the key components of the ‘Synergy’ Breakfast Program on behalf of our six school prefects. I am confident that you will see from what she has written that all student leaders found this program to be both relevant and helpful.

This is the third such ‘Synergy’ gathering that has been held this year and, on this occasion, a couple of innovations were introduced to the program. These included the formal Public Speaking Training Session that Jasmine refers to in her article as well as the fact that during this time the Principals from each ATIC school came together to hold our Principals meeting. These meetings occur each term. The other innovation is that we held this first Breakfast now rather than waiting until March of next year. It was felt that this early meeting would ensure that our student leaders were well prepared to begin their leadership roles from the very first day of the coming year. These same students will participate in a second event to be held in August of next year where they will have the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned as a result of their year of leading their school communities.

Synergy Breakfast Report by Jasmine Dickinson

The morning started with a beautiful breakfast shared over fruitful conversations with captains from other Christian schools. Then each school leadership team progressed into our presentations which were diverse and centred around the goals and ambitions of each Christian leadership team for their school communities next year.

We all identified our individual strengths and weaknesses and how as groups we could work effectively together. This was comforting as we realised that we are all in the same boat due to being new teams. After a short recess in the cold and brisk air of the Southern Highlands, we ventured into an energetic public speaking workshop. This was designed to equip us to be more effective and commanding speakers. It also addressed our shortcomings and assisted in solidifying our own public personas.

The presenters were humorous, insightful and extremely easy to engage with. This was encouraging as we were challenged to be able to confidently speak and present ourselves professionally in public forums.

All in all, it was a wonderfully educational event where we were privileged to meet with other Christian captains in a God-centred environment to grow both individually and collectively.

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