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Speak to Me

Three students from each year group presented speeches at 'Speak to Me', the NCS public speaking competition, held on Tuesday. "What the world needs now" was the topic for the prepared speeches. Congratulations to Harrison Thomas, the stage four winner and Joel Clifton, the stage five winner.

Speakers were given five minutes to prepare an impromptu speech on the subject "Think Big." Impromptu speaking is a very difficult skill and all speakers deserve to be commended for participating in this part of the competition. Isabel McPhail won the stage four section and Nicholas Astill won the stage five section.

Mr Windsor, Mr Bray and Mrs Bignell were the adjudicators for the competition and gave the speakers some very helpful advice to improve their public speaking skills.

We would like to thank the adjudicators for their willingness to be involved in 'Speak to Me'.

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