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A day at the Beach

Last Thursday, Year 7 was blessed to spend a day at the beach in Gerringong. We investigated the rock platform, looked for elusive sea creatures, conquered a giant hill or two and discovered a lagoon.

Whilst it was a lovely day, out we were also doing some serious learning about God's great creation and how landscapes are formed and changed, and the adaptations that his creatures have which allow them to live in a variety of environments.

Lots of the students were amazed at the creatures they found:

"I learnt that when the Waratah Anemone isn't in the water, it turns itself into a little blob to protect itself from the heat. When it is in the water it has tentacles that are used for catching food." - Elysse

"I didn't know that sea snails live in rock pools and shallow water, not just the deep ocean" - Lucinda

The view from the headland was also a winner, especially with the number of whales going past:

"What really surprised me was the way the rocks were formed and the enclosed lagoon" - Marcos.

"The view from the Cemetery and all the whales was really cool" - Jacob

A big thank you to Mrs Drury who came along for the day to help out! Parent helpers are always a great addition to field trips.

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