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A note from Mr Bray - 13 October 2017

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! 2 Cor 5:17 (NIV)

On behalf of all members of the staff team, I am delighted to warmly welcome students, parents and carers back to Term 4 at NCS. I trust that you have had the opportunity to enjoy times of rest and refreshment together with family and friends during the past two weeks of the school holiday period.

It is quite possible that, like me, you are feeling that the 2017 school year at NCS is rapidly drawing towards its conclusion. The good news is that we can look forward to a final term that will be brimming with stimulating teaching and learning activities and programs. Without doubt, week 1 of this term has certainly got us all off to a great start!

One of the major highlights of this first week has been the Stage 3 presentation of The Mikado. On Wednesday, I had the privilege of joining with an appreciative audience of students (including students from two other local schools) and parents to enjoy a matinee performance of this very entertaining musical production. We were certainly not disappointed as the entire cast, musicians and crew worked together to transport us all back in time to the mythical town of Titipu in Japan. Here we became involved in a series of dramatic events involving romance, royalty, intrigue, deception and the ever-present danger of a beheading or two!

What we witnessed on the stage was the final glittering product of many, many hours of hard work and dedicated practice on the part of our Stage 3 students. The entire production team of staff, students and parents are to be warmly congratulated on presenting such a fine performance. We were delighted by the excellent singing, the carefully choreographed dance routines and the wonderful costumes and props that all helped to create a most enjoyable theatrical experience. As I am writing this article, I am looking forward to accompanying my wife to view this production for one more time on Friday evening.

On Tuesday of this week I was able to join briefly with another appreciative audience of Years 7 and 8 students as they witnessed an ancient and medieval workshop that provided many opportunities for ‘hands-on’ interaction. Our expert guest presenter dressed some of our students up in suits of armour and provided them with a range of weapons that were typical of these medieval, and earlier, times. This was an excellent example of how what is learnt in the classroom can be brought to ‘life’ through creative role plays. Read more about this demonstration here.

On Thursday I had the great pleasure of accompanying our Year 7 students as they engaged in a Geography/Science excursion to Werri Beach and the Gerringong Headland area. The key educational aims of this excursion revolved around active field work that further developed skills already learned in the classroom setting. Students were able to closely examine specimens contained in rock pools as well as learning more about classification systems, erosion and the formation of various landscapes. The weather was delightful and our students participated cooperatively in the range of activities provided.

Term 4 is also a vital one in the lives of our HSC students. On Monday of next week, the external HSC examinations will commence. I would encourage parents and carers to uphold our senior students in prayer as they prepare to sit these examinations. Please pray for good health and clear minds that will enable our students to confidently demonstrate all that they have learned throughout this past year.

This term in staff devotions we have decided to share brief accounts of our individual testimonies and to present a bible passage that has played a significant role in our Christian development. I believe that it is both a privilege and also a source of great encouragement for our staff team to be able to share together in this way. I had the opportunity to present on Monday and my focus verse for this week is one that has provided me with great reassurance throughout my Christian walk. What a joy it is to realise that when we give our lives to Christ, we really do become ‘new creations’ and that the things of the past that may hurt and disappoint, can be cast aside as we find our new identity and purpose in Christ! I trust that this verse from 2 Corinthians 5: 17 may also be one that provides you with a sense of hope and deep gratitude.

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