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Stage 3 Refugee Talk

Two refugees (one African and one Syrian) have very interesting, captivating and unusual life stories. Years 5 and 6 were listening well, as they told their life stories in full detail on Tuesday. SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families) explained the amazing good deeds that they were performing to help all refugees moving to Australia, the land we call home.

A refugee’s story is complicated and amazing. Somehow, Nicholas managed to explain it in full detail. He was young when his father died. Later, his mother remarried to a man from a foreign tribe. Nicholas’s sister ran away, while his step-father decided to do many evil things, which failed. Quite a while after, he escaped to a refugee camp, where people reported sightings of his sister. Eventually, Nicholas was safe and sound in Australia, only with a temporary distaste for Australian food and one less finger.

Another refugee was from Syria, stuck in the Syrian war. She went from house to house to sleep, hoping to return to her home to collect her things. Somehow, she ended up in Australia, unscathed and untouched.

Then came the questions - from KFC to sport, the questions were different and rather unusual. Nicholas says that he loves KFC (and all chicken). He doesn’t have a favourite ice-cream flavour. His favourite sport is soccer. More than occasionally, the chosen topic was food, with a regular mention of KFC.

We all enjoyed the talk. (Especially the questions). We realised how hard it is to be a refugee. Really, it’s so much harder than we first thought.

We thank the teachers, refugees and SCARF, for all their effort. We have all learnt how difficult it is to be a refugee.

We also thank God for this opportunity. We are glad we now know a little about a refugee’s life. We pray that God will bless them all.

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