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Students experience a taste of Year 7!

Our current Year 6 students, along with 9 prospective year 7 students, attended our 'Taste 'N' See' Experience Day on Friday 11 August.

The day started in the church hall, where students and parents were welcomed by Mr Bray and were able to hear information about being in Year 7 at NCS. A couple of highlights from the morning session included hearing from current Year 7 student, Thomas Bush, viewing a video from a former student, Aimee Parsons, as well as hearing from Mrs Ellery about all the co-curricular opportunities our school offers.

Following the morning session, students were escorted by Mrs Meek on a brief tour of the Secondary area and then split into groups to participate in some fun activities. During this time the parents moved to the MPC gallery where they enjoyed a scrumptious morning tea followed by more information about Christian education and the secondary journey to a focused HSC. We were encouraged by the number of questions parents had and a number of the parents stayed for a tour with Mrs Bate and for the Sausage Sizzle lunch.

During their activities, the groups of students were able to experience making polymers with Mr Whitehouse, create an emotional orchestra with Mr West and learn about blackout poetry with Mrs West. Overall the day was a huge success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thank you to all the staff who put in the extra effort to ensure the day's success!

Here’s some comments from the students who attended:

'I liked Mr Whitehouse's Science experiment about polymers.' Dylan W

'The whole experience for me was great as we got to know a bit about what to expect in Year 7.' Micah E

'I enjoyed Mrs West's blackout poetry activity.' Sarah K

'I liked that we had the opportunity to meet new students that might be coming next year. I also liked that we had the opportunity to meet Mrs Meek and some of the other high school teachers so we could see what learning in their classes would be like.' Jasmine H

At ‘Taste ‘N’ See’ we all did some poetry and some music, we also did some science. After that we had morning tea. High school is so much better than primary! Luke B

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