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Primary State Metro Cup Soccer

Last term our Stage 2 and Stage 3 soccer teams made it through to State level for Metro Cup. On Thursday, 10 August the two teams traveled by bus to Penrith for some grueling games of football against the best Christian School teams in New South Wales. We left NCS at 5:00 am and collected teams from Calderwood Christian School along the way.

Each team competed in three tough matches. There was some exceptional skill on display, which made for great spectating. Our Stage Three team came away with a solid victory in their second game. This was without key player, Jacob Fakhoury, who tore his calf muscle winning the 100 metres at Zone Athletics a few days earlier.

Our Stage 2 team also had a couple of players withdraw due to illness which left the team with only one substitute for the day. They didn't get a win, but their level of hard work and good cheer in the face of adversity was admirable. Needless to say, they did a lot of running!

Most pleasing of all, was the positive feedback from a couple of match officials about how respectful and well behaved our students were both on and off the field. They were particularly impressed with how refereeing decisions were being respected and not challenged.

Congratulations to both teams for making it through to this level of competition, for the way you played and for choosing respect. You did yourselves and our school proud! You also honored God with your gifts and behaviour.

A very special thanks must go to parents Mr Harlor and Mr Tasker for managing and coaching the teams. They did an exceptional job and really helped our kids have a great day!

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