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Great result at CSSA State Gymnastics

On Thursday 8 June, three flexible girls from NCS’s K-6 department, Charlie G (Y5), Charlotte S (Y4) and Amelia B (Y6) all went to Rooty Hill in Sydney to attend the 2017 Primary CSSA State Gymnastics Championships.

Amelia: My day was great. I had to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready to go up for gym. I didn’t need to sign in until 11:15 a.m. so I had plenty of time to look around and watch the competition. We warmed up and and then got into our groups. There were four groups, two lots of Level 4 and two lots of Level 3. I was in the biggest Level 4 group. I had vault first, followed by bars, then beam and last of all the floor routine. I got a second place certificate for vault. Charlotte: My impression of the venue was that it was a ginormous building. It was my first time at the S.G.A.C. Amelia, Charlie and I were in the same group. They started with Levels 5 to 10 first. At 11.15 a.m. Charlie and I signed in, then we warmed up. Amelia went off to her group, the higher Level 4s. Charlie went in the higher Level 3s and I went in the lower Level 3s. I was on the floor first, then I went to vault next of all. I got 4th place for my vaulting. Afterwards I moved onto bars. I was the tallest competitor. My last event was beam. I got a certificate. We had a two hour drive back to Nowra. We had a great time at Rooty Hill. Charlie: After we dropped my sister off at school we went up to Sydney to compete. I got a first place in vault, third in beam and bar. Over-all, I finished in third place for Level 3, so I got a medal. I had a great day of fun gymnastics and also met lots of people.