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Year 10 commandeer HMAS Albatross

On Thursday 8 June, 11 brave Year 10 students participated in the HMAS Albatross QuickLook Program. The program is designed to provide students with extended insight into careers in the Navy as well as basic practical training.

The day began early with Leading Seaman (LS) Gilmour picking the students up from NCS in the Defence Force shuttle bus. Once arriving at HMAS Albatross, LS Gilmour wasted no time getting the students into formation and marching.

Throughout the day students perfected the art of group marching and push-ups as they moved from building to building, checking out the air craft, apparel, training simulation rooms and other on-base facilities.

One of the most valuable aspects of the day was the many opportunities students were given to talk to a variety of Defence Force personnel. Students were given tours of work spaces and were able to ask questions regarding all things Navy and aviation. All Defence Force personnel were friendly and approachable and our students felt at ease starting up conversations about possible careers and training pathways.

The day was topped off with a practical at-sea helicopter crash survival course. Students were suited up with life jackets and helmets before taking a three metre leap of faith into the training pool. Students then participated in a series of at-sea team survival strategies before being winched back out of the pool in a helicopter rescue simulation.

The students maintained their enthusiasm throughout the day and their respect and courtesy shown to all Navy personnel did not go unnoticed.