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Technical difficulties halt soaring finish

On Friday 9 June, the plane team (Lincoln Davie, Micah Perry, Nathan Spinks and Harrison Thomas) and the rocket team (Hailey Frew, Mia Hunter, Isabelle McPhail and Courtney Nielsen) ventured up to the University of Wollongong for the State Final of the Aeronautical Velocity Challenge.

The quality of the competition was extremely high, which produced some exceptional results in both planes and rockets. The rocket team struggled with technical difficulties, which saw their rocket fail to launch in the first round.

It also struggled in the second round, but still managed a respectable 80 meters on both of its launches. The winner of the competition in the rockets shot an astonishing 150 meters.

The plane team worked well, but were disappointed with their height and speed planes. They did, however, manage to beat Ulladulla High in the dogfight section, which was a sweet victory as they beat us at the Regional Final.

The plane team got knocked out in the semi-final due to a technical difficulty. The plane team did meet the creator of the plane program which was used in preparation for the competition. This gave the students an opportunity to find out more about the job opportunities that are available through this line of study.