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Stage 4 and 5 take on the Da Vinci Decathlon

On 4-5 May, four teams travelled to The Illawarra Grammar School to compete against other schools from the region in the Da Vinci Decathalon. This is an academic competition in which teams of eight have to complete tasks across ten disciplines including cartography, engineering, maths, science, English and future problem solving.

Our Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) teams were, some of them, experiencing this for the first time, and they were struck by the challenge of some of the tasks. They worked well together as teams and were a pleasure to take away for the day. As staff we can always be so proud of how our students conduct themselves when on excursions.

The Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) were also a joy to accompany. As more seasoned campaigners they came away with a third in the Science (Year 9) and second in the Drama (Year 9) and a first in the Engineering (Year 10). Congratulations to all four teams, including our hard working reserves.

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