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Well Done DaVinci Team - 3rd Overall!

On Wednesday 3 May Miss Thuaux and Mrs Perry took a team of 8 students in Stage 3 to Illawarra Christian School to compete in the Regional Da Vinci Decathlon Competition. The team did incredibly well, achieving an overall third place, with a first place in Cartography and second place in Mathematics.

This competition comprises 10 academic events including: Mathematics, English, Science, Engineering, Poetry and Art, Cartography, Creative Producers, Code Breaking, General Knowledge and Ideation. The students were given several tasks to complete at the same time and had strict time limits to adhere to. Teams worked together to complete the tasks without any assistance from teachers.

Over 30 teams competed in the event and came from independent, public and private schools.

A big congratulations to Micah Edwards, Hannah Smith, Jasmine Hall, Oliver Elery, Jenna Gallanty, Matthew McLennan, Amelia Leembruggen, Gabrielle Allen and Linkin Pearce for their podium finish.

A few student reflections on the event ...

“The challenges were great and I learnt a lot, the atmosphere was electric.” Micah.

"It was good when we got up to get the award. I felt really proud of my teammates and how hard we had worked to get where we were." Gabrielle.