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Happy Pi (π) Day

Thank you for all the contributions towards π day. This joyous day was filled with some π scavenger hunt, π landscape artwork and π digits recitation. Of course, we had the most enjoyable time eating meat pies and apple turnovers with the π symbol!

Thank you especially to Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Perry, Mr Clarke, Mrs Stewart and each of you for making the day a fun and successful one!

We raised $150, and, whilst we were going to use it on Mathematics resources, we feel it is more important to donate the money to those in need via Caring Box, which goes to Nowra Anglicare.

Our champion π recitation is Elizabeth Curline who worked hard and is able to recite up to 162 digits! Congratulations Liz! You will get your surprise next week at our school assembly.

All the other students who have successfully recited more than 25 digits in the Infants and Primary or more than 50 digits in Secondary will be acknowledged and awarded during school assembly next Friday!

Fun fact!

Did you know that this year when we celebrated π day, the date was 14/3/17?

14+3=17 How cool is that?