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Those magnificent girls are like flying machines!

Last Thursday 6 June, four of NCS's most flexible students attended the CSSA State Gymnastics Titles in Western Sydney. Amelia B (Y8), Charlotte S (Y6), Hollie B (Y5) and Isabella L (Y4) all competed in the WAG Levels that they had been training for in their local clubs.

Amelia competed in Level 6 and finished in 7th place over all, with a final score of 34.850 points, only less than 2 points behind the girl who finished 1st! Her best apparatus was the bars for which she finished in 3rd position (out of 13). Amelia backed this result up with a district competition on the long-weekend where she achieved first on beam, third on vault, fourth on floor and bars, with an overall equal second in level 6. Well done, Amelia!

Charlotte S competed in Level 4 and finished in 6th place over all, with a final score of 33.275 points. Her beam routine was her strongest apparatus on the day with a 5th place finish. Great job, Charlotte!

Hollie B competed in Level 3 and it was the first time she'd been to a competition such as this. She had fun and finished with 24.225 points. Her strongest disciplines were Vault and Floor routines. Top effort, Hollie!

Isabella L also competed in Level 3 and finished with 33.825 points. Her strongest discipline was her floor routine, for which she received a 3rd place recognition. Super stuff, Isabella!

Girls, we are so very proud of you, our tumbling, turning, flipping, flexible four! You represented yourselves, our school, your families and gym clubs with such poise and style. Time to dust down your chalky palms, 'present', then take a bow!

Hope to hear of your ongoing progress in this fantastic sport in future months and years.

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