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'Wonderful World of Will' wows all watching!

Thursday afternoon on the first day of June was a special occasion as NCS hosted Bell Shakespeare's regional schools tour for its latest play: 'The Wonderful World of Will'.

Students and staff from Years 3-7 were thoroughly entertained and informed by the trio of talented young actors.

The storyline revolved around a tale of time-travel as a girl from modern day Australia was transported back to Elizabethan London to meet locals such as The Bard himself and Queen Elizabeth I.

Much fun then ensued as the fiery, flame-haired monarch had our time travelling heroine and Shakespeare join forces to write her a play, otherwise they would have lost their heads!

Marcus N (Y7) enjoyed the references from Midsummer Night's Dream. Matt Spinks particularly liked the fight scene with a difference - a war with words! Nathaniel (Y5) and Caitlyn (Y3) Cox liked the character Queen Elizabeth I.

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