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This web site has been developed to give people an insight into our school and to provide a community focal point for parents and students alike. NCS is a K-12 school that approaches all aspects of education from a biblical perspective. Our school has a wonderful reputation in the local community and we are pleased to share the good news about our school more widely. We hope that you will find the information that is here to be helpful and encouraging.
Earlier this term we informed our school community that Nowra Christian School had been selected to be part of a State Government funded “Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan”, targeting students in Kindergarten and Years One and Two. This program involves the school receiving a significant amount of money that we are required to invest in evidence-based programs and professional development of our teaching staff. The program has commenced and will continue until the end of 2016. We are excited to announce that our Action Plan has been approved and is now posted on the NCS website. We are thankful to the New South Wales State Government for funding this program. NCS - Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan
When it comes to the safety of vulnerable road users like school children, drivers found breaking the law will be met with zero tolerance.
The School has developed a digital prospectus to give you a greater insight into the School's community. There are two versions: An iBook version for viewing on an iPad A PDF version for viewing on non-apple devices.
To assist students with their school work, the school has set up email accounts for all students, Years 3-12.
You can access these at school or at home.
They are for school use only.
It is important that you know that the school will monitor their use so please ensure that they are used only in a way that you are happy for teachers to see.
To access these emails, go to the school website and access the link under the Useful Links Menu.
Your login and password is the same that you use for the school computers.
Welcome to Nowra Christian School.
It is a privilege to share with you information about our wonderful school. As a parent, I understand that choosing a school for your child is one of the most significant decisions you have to make. You want to know that the people you are entrusting your child with are people that share the same beliefs and values that you as a family are aiming to instill.
  This book contains useful information for students and their parents. Please read it carefully. Your compliance with instructions and the various subject requirements will ensure a smooth commencement to the school year.
Annual Reports produced by School for the information of the School, and the wider community. 2012 NCS Annual Report
Crunch&Sip gives students the opportunity to eat the fruit or vegetables you pack that might otherwise be left in their lunchbox. It ensures students have at least one serve of fruit or vegetables a day and can help increase their total intake. So be sure to pack something for Crunch&Sip everyday! Watch the video.
"Different Like Me" is the NCS support group for families of kids with special learning differences. 
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