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Stage 3 Science Fair

On Thursday Week 9, students from Stage 3 participated in their Science Fair. What a fantastic event! Everyone in Stage 3 showcased some incredible work covering our theme for the term: Change Detectives. On display were some amazingly delicious and creative projects. Many students showed their research on how to change matter from one state to another and even back to its original state. Lots of chocolate was involved to show this! During the fair, clouds were formed, balloons were inflated by combining certain solids and liquids, and different types of cake were displayed (and eaten afterwards!) showing how our amazing world is made up of just solids, liquids and gases. Thank you to all the primary and high school classes who came to visit our Fair. Stage 3 loved to show you their displays and explain their experiments to you. Thank you to Mr Bray and all staff for coming to see the great efforts of Stage 3. Everyone had a brilliant time.



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