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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) launched at NCS in 2018 and has since been a core element of teaching and learning in our school. Here is some information about what the program is and what it currently looks like in our school.

At its heart AVID is a teaching and learning program that combines best teaching practice and a focus on post school readiness into one package. In the classroom, the program uses the WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation, Reading) as a framework for quality teaching and learning.

On a whole school level, teachers work with their students to prepare them for life beyond school in age appropriate ways. Examples include:

Stage 1: learning to collaborate with others to share ideas

Stage 2: learning how to articulate praise to a peer

Stage 3: implementing organisation strategies into daily routines

High School: developing focused note taking routines

The program originated in the US using an elective model to better support students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds with little or no family history of tertiary education. The program also attracted students who desired to attend university but had not yet developed the academic or organisational skill set required. The ultimate aim of the US program was to prepare kids for college readiness.

In Australia, the program has adapted to the unique Australian context. AVID Australia understands that trades, traineeships and apprenticeships are highly sought after positions that require just as strong a set of academic and grit characteristics in order to thrive.

At NCS, we approach the program from a whole school model believing that every student deserves quality teaching and learning differentiated appropriately to prepare them for life beyond NCS.



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