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Stage 3 native planting for NAIDOC

In Term Two, Stage 3 students took possession of eighty precious plant babies kindly provided by the Shoalhaven Bush Care Network. These were chosen and delivered by Kerry Thompson, from the Network.

To celebrate NAIDOC Week, Stage 3 students planted these native species in our school's bush reserve area. Students planted a selection of local native groundcovers, grasses, shrubs and trees. It is hoped that, as they mature, they will create habitat for local birdlife.

NAIDOC Week was a great opportunity to reflect on our God-given call to be good stewards of the earth. We can learn a lot from the way our Australian Aboriginal people were custodians of the earth and be inspired to do our part, whilst we are the custodians of the school land.

Thank you Stage 3 students on your hard work to plant and care for these plant babies!

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