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NCS Swimming Carnival - 2020

This year’s carnival fell foul of some otherwise welcome rain and had to be postponed, eventuating in a competitors-only format. Our keen and competitive swimmers still created a very exciting atmosphere on the day with a number of records being challenged or broken.

A big congratulations to the students in Sea Kings, our champion house for the day.

We want to congratulate all the students who came first or second, some of whom will go to represent our school at their respective zone carnivals – (see report below)

Below is a list of our Swimming Age Champions. They will be announced and banners presented at our next assembly.

High School Age Champions for NCS Swimming Carnival 2020:

12 years: Charlotte-Grace L 13 years: Claire H, Kaiden Mc 14 years: Alana H-S, George D 15 years: Josie G/Lili M, Ollie E 16 years: Bryce C 17 years: Isabelle Mc, Micah P 18 years: Olivia C, Ethan B

A big thank you to the many parents who came along and helped officiate or were there simply supporting the students.

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