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Language Perfect Champions

This week, students received their awards from the Language Perfect World Championships.

This is an online language learning competition that runs for a week. Students translate as many words as possible over that time. Here are some statistics about how our school (ie. Year 8 French students) went on a global scale:

  • 559th out of 1,644 schools globally

  • 2nd in Australia for French in the small schools category (54 schools)

  • 1st in French in NSW in the small schools category (17 schools)

This was an amazing effort.

Our top scorers were:

  1. Jasmine H with a Gold certificate (over 3,000 points)

  2. Sarah K Silver certificate (2550 points)

  3. Lilly D Silver (2118 points)

  4. Micah E Bronze (1001 points)

Credit certificates were awarded to students with over 500 points: Sam D, Harrison F, Hannah S, Lanie S.

Well done to all who participated.

Félicitations tout le monde

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