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Romeo and Juliet - but not as we know it

A fantastic end of term visit by three members of Bell Shakespeare Company was well received by Stage 2 and 3 students. The play, Romeo and Juliet, was explored with energy and humour. There was no guessing what might happen next as the actors changed roles, used a variety of small props to dramatise their dynamic performance and invited participation from the audience. A creative genius had set the entire production within a school drama club, with associated teenage hopes, fears and crushes on fellow would-be actors. There were many surprises along the way; I certainly didn't expect to see the ending recreated in several different ways, with Romeo marrying Juliet at the Eiffel Tower in one scene, nor crowds of 'extras' mooing, buzzing and clucking their way into the balcony scene. I'm not sure how the French accents appeared nor how the same actor can die multiple times throughout the play (as different characters). However, they demonstrated that a play written hundreds of years ago can come to life in an amazing and vibrant way that captured the full attention of every audience member. Thank you to Mrs Ellery once again for providing us all with quality opportunities that inspire a commitment to reach for the stars in all dramatic spheres.

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