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Le Tour de Worrigee - La journée française 2019

Once again, our annual Tour de Worrigee - La journée française - was a great success, but rather than taking my word for it, I invited students to comment on their experience:

  • Absolutely fantastic!

  • It was very enjoyable to ride around. The mountain stage was my favourite.

  • The only thing better than the tour was the croque monsieur!

  • The day was fun. Le Tour de Worrigee was good and I liked how we settled down at the end watching a movie.

  • Le tour de Worrigee was an awesome day to spend time with friends and experience French culture.

  • I liked cooking and watching the movie called ‘The Walk’.

  • It was more fun than expected - Merci Madame - Matt

  • We had so much fun learning about Le Tour de Worrigee whilst scooting around the school and making croque monsieur. Merci madame! - Julia

  • Great French experience - Lilly

Vive le Tour!

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