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NCS performs well at Da Vinci Decathlons

This year NCS took five teams away to compete against a large number of schools in the Da Vinci Academic Decathalons, which were held at The Illawarra Christian School ( Primary) and The Illawarra Grammar School (Secondary).

All teams had been training for a number of weeks in the various categories: Cartography, Science, Maths, English, Art and Poetry, Ideation, Engineering, Codebreaking, Drama and General Knowledge. As usual the tasks were extremely challenging but all our students tackled them with great enthusiasm and good humour. We are always thrilled when our little school manages to get a certificate for first, second or third and this year we achieved:

  • 2nd Science and Drama Year 5

  • 1st Engineering Year 7

  • 3rd Code-breaking Year 8

I would like to express how proud I am of all the students who trained and competed. They have been a bright, interested and delightful group to work with. Congratulations to you all.

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