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Years 5/6 visit Canberra

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic time in Canberra. We visited many places and learned many new things. The first place we visited was Mount Ainslie where we could walk around and look at Canberra. Next we went to Questacon. There were a lot of rooms and each one had at least one very interesting thing. After Questacon, we went on our way to the New Parliament House. We saw the two main houses of parliament which were the Senate and the House of Representatives. On the second day, we first went to the National Museum of Australia. We learned a lot about history and all the amazing things that happened in the past. Then we visited the Art Gallery and looked at a lot of amazing paintings. There was also a very detailed person made out of wax in a suit which was on fire. It cost around a million dollars just to make one of them. Next was the War Memorial. While we were there, we remembered all those people who died for our freedom. There was a fire pit in the middle of a pond with an eternal flame that was powered by gas. On the last day, we visited the Old Parliament House which is now a museum called the Museum of Australian Democracy. At the museum we learned a lot about the process of voting. We had lunch at a park and a few hours later we arrived back at school. Our parents picked us up at school and everyone was glad to be back home. By Erik. K

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