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Down at the dairy

Stage 2 had a delightful day discovering how technology is used on two local dairy farms. The Graham and Chittick families were wonderful hosts, taking us through their dairies and explaining how they milk their cows. Wade from McColls, the truck company responsible for transporting the milk from these two farms to Sydney, explained his company's role in the dairy industry. We also had the opportunity to bottle feed calves, climb through a tractor and the McColls' milk truck and watch cows being milked in the Chittick's robotic dairy. We refuelled our bodies with Mrs Graham's delicious homemade scones and flavoured milk. Our excursion was a great conclusion to our Science Unit "What's on Your Plate?" Thank you Sam, Rachel & Toby Graham; Brett, Shannon, Jacob & Lucy Chittick and Wade for making our day a wonderful learning experience.

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