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Farewell our German friend, Linda!

On Friday, we said farewell to our German exchange student, Linda Giesa.

Linda has been at our school since the beginning of Term 1. She has been staying with a family in Mollymook and attending our school, participating in our Year 11 classes.

Linda comes from Berlin, Germany and decided to do an exchange program to help her develop her English language skills, as well as having the opportunity to meet new people and just being able to have an amazing experience.

Coming from a big city, she has had to make some adjustments to a more laid-back South Coast lifestyle.

“I thought it would be harder to settle in than it has been. It has been really easy because the people are so lovely,” Linda said.

When asked what has been her favourite thing about Australia, she struggled to limit it to one.

“Definitely the beach, I love the beach! But I have also liked the weather and the people.

“I really enjoyed trying surfing with Rachel C,” she said.

Linda talks very fondly of her time at Nowra Christian School.

“I have made some great friends, whom I hope to stay in touch with. I am even hoping Tessa M may come and visit me in Germany!

“I have enjoyed being part of a small school, with smaller classes. Everyone has been so welcoming.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to attend a ‘religious’ school as I am not really a religious person at home and I attend a non-religious school in Germany.

“It has been great to understand a bit more about why people believe in God and it has given me a new appreciation for people who do”, she said.

Linda really enjoyed her Art lessons with Mrs Stewart.

“I loved the art room, and Mrs Stewart was so generous, letting me use whatever I wanted to create artworks. She called me the ‘crazy German,” Linda laughed.

While in Australia, Linda also got to experience some of the ‘touristy’ things. She visited Sydney several times. She also climbed Pigeon House Mountain, went snorkelling and camping!

“I love Australia, and I really hope I can come back one day,’ she said.

Before returning to Germany, Linda will spend Term 2 at an all-girls college in Whanganui, New Zealand. She said she is really looking forward to this also.

Thank you Linda for visiting us! We will miss your vivacious personality around NCS. We wish you all the best in New Zealand and when you return to Germany!

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