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White Ribbon Video Competition

White Ribbon is an organisation that works with men to stop domestic violence. As part of a drive to increase awareness, White Ribbon invited local school students to take part in a video competition. The videos were to send a positive message about respectful relationships or gender equality.

As part of a unit on video dramas, the Stage 5 Drama students each developed, filmed and edited a video with this positive message. They approached this challenge with maturity. There was a lovely sense of collaboration as the students acted in each others films. Two videos, Libby Y and Micah P's, were chosen by the class to be entered in the competition.

Both these videos were chosen as finalists.

Last Friday, Micah and Charlotte (representing Libby) attended a special morning tea when the winners were announced.

The whole morning was devoted to raising awareness of domestic violence - its prevalence, its impact and the steps we can all take to prevent it. Libby's video was announced as the winner of the competition with Micah's gaining third place. Congratulations to both these young people who tackled a difficult subject with maturity and creativity.

The videos will be featured on the White Ribbon website.