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Exciting times at Year 7 Orientation Day

Year 7 Orientation Day was held on Thursday, 29 November. Our Year 6 students, along with six new students, experienced some of the subjects and activities they can expect in 2019.

Following are some students' comments:

'The thing I liked about Year 7 Orientation Day was PE with Mr Petts because we played multiple fun games.' Jordan Vagg

'What I enjoyed the most was the History and English. I enjoyed History because we looked at how things were made and how old things are. The online museum was great fun.

What I loved about English was making the two-person poems. The poem didn’t have to rhyme. The opposite people had to find what they had in common. What I am looking forward to is the homework because I love homework.' Charlie Giddings.

'I really enjoyed Science and lunchtime and playing basketball. Cohen Smith

'I enjoyed the teachers – they are really funny. The work is a lot more fun. I am ready!' Isaac Cochrane

'It was a really good day. My favourite subject was PE with Mr Petts because I have never really played Dodge Ball before. And Science was fun watching the balloon pop, and the fire, it was cool. It was fun with George and Jordan because most of the teachers were nice.' Linkin Pearce

'It was really fun in the Science Lab when we blew up a balloon. It was also fun in Maths class with Mr Clarke and all the jokes he made.' Toby McDonell

'I enjoyed doing History during the Year 7 Orientation. It was interesting and fun learning about the Silk Road.' Delaney Powell.

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