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Avondale College Visit

Recently Ursula Scale from Avondale Marketing visited NCS Year 10 and 12 students to discuss future career pathways, university options and college life.

Year 10 students worked with Ursula in the Lib Lab using Career Match, an online career finder tool inspired by Herrmann’s Four Brain Quadrants theory. After completing the online quiz, students were then given a 10 page generated report that outlined their brain quadrant strengths and what careers and study pathways would be suited to their personality, way of learning and moral grounding.

Following the Year 10 workshop, Ursula organised a Year 12 Pizza lunch where students could come and ‘chill’ with a slice of Pizza and ask questions about Avondale College, find out about the courses on offer, entry requirements and on-campus living. During this session Ursula also reminded students about the importance of applying for scholarships for multiple universities as they are always on offer but cannot always be given due to lack of applications.

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