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Year 7 Orientation Day

What an exciting day for our children progressing to Year 7 in 2018. Including our new students, we had 42 nervous but excited students.

After an initlal meet and greet with Mr Bray anda Mrs Meek, the students played team building games in the MPC.

After Recess, the students experienced a taste of English and Maths - Secondary style.

A pizza lunch was enthusiastically enjoyed as well as some games in the playground.

After lunch, Science featured experiments of testing food for starch and explosions; as well as craft contours.

It was lovely to see our new students being included in games and new friendships budding.

In the evening we were delighted to also welcome nearly 60 parents/carers of these students to an information evening. Parents/carers were able to enjoy a coffee from the Bearded Brewer coffee van as well as a light supper. Mrs Meek spoke to parents about what to expect in Year 7 and Mr Bray also attended to welcome parents.

Some feedback from the students about Orientation Day included:

What did you enjoy about today:

‘It was fun and I am starting to make friends.” Arnie

‘Having more fun work’ Micah

‘I enjoyed doing the English class, the Science class and, of course, meeting new friends.’ Cole

‘Today was really fun and I enjoyed learning and experiencing a high school day.’ Lucinda

What do you look forward to as you start Year 7 at NCS?

‘The best subject in the world, Maths!’ Micah

‘School Camp’ Azriel

'I look forward to going to a Christian school and being around people I cherish spending time with.’ Lucinda.

How do you feel about next year after spending the day here?

‘Good. I definitely want to go here because the people (teachers & students) are really nice.’ Arnie

'Prepared, because I know the type of work that will be done’ Micah

‘I feel extremely excited about coming back here next year and I feel that, this Orientation Day helped a lot because I met lots of new people. But I also still feel a bit nervous about it because of the homework and the work in general’ Cole

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