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Dragon Tag Gala Day

On Thursday, 9 November, thirty one Stage Three students went to Albion Park to play Dragon Tag at a gala day organised by The Dragons NRL team. There were four teams from NCS; Two were boys and the other two were girls.

Three of our girls combined with 4 girls from Cedars CC to make a team called the ‘Barbarian Chooks’! They won 2 games and lost 1. Playing together in a way that belied the fact that they didn’t know one another.

NCS Girls Team One won 2 and tied 1 game to finish undefeated. NCS Boys Team One won 2 games and lost 1. Finally, NCS Boys Team Two won 1, tied 1 and lost 1. It’s hard to pick out individual performances, so it would be better to perhaps make mention of the fine way that our teams handled themselves after matches. They showed fair play and Christ-like behviour whether they won, lost or drew.

We also had separate boys and girls skills clinics which were run by the Dragons coaches and players. These informal sessions gave our students a chance to mingle with children from other schools, as well as to show off their skills, plus learn some new ones.

Once we’d finished our games, we sat down to eat a delicious bbq lunch that was provided for us.

The Dragons then generously gave each of the students a rugby ball and a ‘Dragons Pack’ with stickers and other goodies.

SPECIAL thanks go to Mrs McLaren, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Cochrane, Mr Davie, Mr Beavan, Mr Graham, Mrs Von Prott Mr Visser and Mr Bates for helping out with transport, supervision and encouragement on the day! We really appreciate you giving your time and effort on our behalf.

Our students all had a FANTASTIC time!

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