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Brainstorm Productions - Verbal Combat

Last Thursday, two performers from Brainstorm Productions came and presented us with a confronting, informing and entertaining performance. The show was based on a real life experience about a girl at a new school and her struggles there.

The show was very well performed and presented the message of how bullying and cyber bullying are real threats and how dangerous they can be. We also learned about online security and what could go wrong when we misuse social media and the consequences of that.

In conclusion, it was a very interesting play that informed and made us think about ourselves and how we behave online and at school.

by Aaron Tasker (Year 9)

On Thursday, 31 August, Years 7-10 were gathered into the church hall to watch a theatre performance by Brainstorm Productions. The performance went for about one hour, and we also had a discussion after with the two actors, Adam and Rachel.

Adam and Rachel gave us a very eye-opening insight into cyber bullying and challenged us to think about how we treat others in our school. The show followed the story of a young girl moving to a new school and we got to see her struggling as she experiences cyber bullying from her classmates.

The show was executed in such a powerful way, and the actors were able to engage with us so well, it was truly amazing. As high-school students today, we are all so much more vulnerable because of the technology/social media we all have access to. During the discussion after the show, Adam and Rachel gave us advice and information on how to stay safe online, and the methods we ourselves can put in place.

Overall this performance had a great message that challenged every student who watched, and it impacted us all.

by Lydia Burrow (Year 10)

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