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Year 10 Hail Macbeth

Last Thursday Year 10 English Students and four successful Year 9 applicants travelled to Sydney to watch a live performance of Bell Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. Students travelled to and from the venue by train, impressing other commuters with their playing card skills and their commitment to healthy eating (lollies, chocolate and soy ice-cream at 8.30am).

Once arriving at Circular Quay our students enjoyed lunch by the harbour, taking in the sights of cruise ships, ferries and street performers. Unfortunately the matinée time slot put a sudden end to the sight- seeing and it was time for our students to power walk to the Opera House to all hail Macbeth.

The production was contemporary and highlighted the universal properties of Shakespeare’s works to our students. Here’s what some of our keen audience members had to say:

It was a unique and captivating performance.

Gorgeous performance with a contemporary twist, loved the whole experience.

The actors were well rounded.

The lights on the roof were cool, they moved up and down.

Overall, the experience was great and I highly recommend seeing the play.

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