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Science Week and the Future Food Fair

This week our school has been participating in National Science Week. Our primary students have been engaged in activities relating to science and on Tuesday our secondary students held a Future Food Fair.

The fair started with an assembly that introduced Years 7-12 students to questions relating to the future of food and the environment. Mr Burton came to speak to the students about the value of renewable energies and how we need to consider the impact of our choices. The students watched videos made by TEAR (Transformation, Empowerment, Advocacy, Relief) about the issues facing Bangladesh - including sea level rise and the increase in natural disasters.

After the assembly, students participated in a range of activities including using a huge world map to map areas experiencing more variation in climate, making an over sized graph of the world's protein demands, eating roasted crickets because they are a possible future food, building ancient irrigation structures and viewing a range of Year 10 science projects.

All secondary students also watched the Year 10 solar car race. Lincoln Seidel and Ryan Rigg were the winners of this race, with their 4 panel pizza themed car.

The Year 9 floating gardens were launched in the pool and all of them successfully floated, with Aaron Tasker and Samuel Chittick's holding the most weight.

Art students made paintings of the inside of cells that were beautiful reminders of the awe in God's creation. Year 7 showed off their sporks that they printed with the 3D printer in Tech and Music students entertained us all at lunch time.

We all enjoyed Mrs Meek’s curry for lunch and then watched as many teachers, including Mr Bray, were dunked in the name of fun…and science!

This event was a tremendous success and the school also raised roughly $230 which will be donated to TEAR to help in their food security programs. A big thank you to Mrs Edwards and Mrs Arthur for organising the day.

Some of the students’ thoughts on the day:

‘I enjoyed going around to each station and watching the kids show me how their experiments and things worked. I also really liked the live performances in the MPC.’ Rachel Curline

‘It was interesting eating the cricket - it didn't actually taste that bad. The stations that the teachers had organised were interesting. Mr Burton was really great to listen to about the history of wind turbines. Mrs Meek's curry was awesome.’ Nic Hotchin

‘It was pretty cool to eat a cricket and I learnt that we can use recycled objects to build other things like gardens and solar cars and that this helps with Climate Change.’ Milia Thurlin