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A Note from Mr Bray - 9 June 2017

Jeremiah 18:6(b) ‘As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand.’ (NKJV)

Week 7 of Term 2 has, once again, seen our NCS students and staff involved in many activities. On Monday, groups of secondary students were able to participate in the Elevate study skills program. This was presented by a high-achieving tertiary student and is designed to provide our students with very practical tips in relation to time management and the development of effective study skills. Our students responded very positively to this program with the vast majority indicating that they had found the program to be most helpful and 98% of students stating that they would recommend this program to other students. We trust that NCS students will now be able to put what they have learned into practice as future study opportunities arise.

As you would all be aware, NCS students have successfully participated in many Eisteddfod events over the past few weeks. This Thursday approximately ninety (90) students from stages 2, 3 and 5 were involved in the drama component of the Eisteddfod. Most of these students were participating as performers, whilst a few operated as directors. There were ten (10) groups and they presented a wide range of dramas taken from such well known pieces as ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Mr McLennan, Head of Primary, and I both had the pleasure of being in the audience for this component of the Eisteddfod. We were very impressed with the most professional manner in which our students presented their dramas.

I would wish to commend Mrs Rosie Ellery, Drama Teacher, for the incredible amount of time and effort that she has personally put into the preparation of our students for this event. I will let Mrs Ellery provide you with the specific details of just how well our students have performed. However, I can confirm that NCS drama groups did achieve first place in all three sections that we entered. However, the most important point to emphasise is that all of our students gave of their best and did so with genuine energy and enthusiasm.

Another highlight of this week would have been the planned Years 2-12 athletics carnival that was scheduled for Wednesday. However, the forecast of very cold and wet weather, left us with no choice but to postpone this event. The new date is 28 June and we trust that the weather will treat us more kindly on this future occasion.

During this week I have had the pleasure of attending a different secondary AM class at the start of each day. This has provided me with a special opportunity to meet with our secondary students as they prepare for the day ahead and also engage in devotional activities. I was most impressed with the friendly and respectful manner demonstrated by our students as they engaged in discussions and group activities. I will visit the remainder of these AM classes during coming weeks.

For our Defence families, our week will conclude with the holding of a Defence afternoon picnic. This event is planned to commence at 3.00pm on Friday in the church hall. Mrs Varga, our Defence Transition Mentor, has invited all of our Defence families and NCS staff to attend. An afternoon tea, pizzas and games will all form part of this program. I am very much looking forward to attending and enjoying the company of our many Defence families.

All NCS teaching staff have continued to be very busy as reports are being finalised. They also

participated in a most valuable professional development session during our staff meeting on

Tuesday evening. Cass Pendlebury, our CSA State Executive Officer, was the presenter and she

provided staff with the latest update on the national teaching standards and how these can be

linked specifically to Christian education.

I have often mentioned how privileged I feel to belong to a workplace where staff begin each

morning with a time of shared devotion and prayer. Once again, I have been both challenged and uplifted on a daily basis by the devotions that individual staff have presented on these occasions.

This week’s focus verse has come from one of these devotional times. I trust that you will also be

encouraged as we recognise that our creator God is like the potter. He will never toss us aside but will lovingly mould us into something that he can use for his special purposes. However, the

challenge for us is to ensure that our lives remain pliable and responsive to his touch.