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A Word from Mr Bray - 7 April 2017

Can it really be possible that, as you are reading this article, Term One at NCS has now reached its conclusion? So many amazing activities have occurred throughout these ten action-packed weeks, all of which have indicated to me that NCS is a thriving, teaching and learning school community!

You only need to skim through the pages of this edition of the Community Chronicle to see evidence of the wide variety of programs that your children have actively participated in. These range from sporting events through to art, music and cultural activities. Some have occurred at our School, whilst others have taken our students to locations in our local and wider communities. It is abundantly clear that rich educational programs come in a wide variety of ‘shapes and sizes’.

The final week of term has also been a busy one. Our Years 11 and 12 students have been completing their Preliminary examinations and can now look forward to a well-earned rest. On Thursday, our ‘Prime Movers’ Relay for Life Team conducted a carwash. I was one of many NCS staff who took the opportunity to have my vehicle washed with the proceeds going to the Australian Cancer Council. These students even accepted the challenge of washing one large truck! At last count they had raised approximately $5000 which is a wonderful effort! On Wednesday evening, we also held our second P/C & F meeting for the term and discussed many exciting ideas for events and activities. On the Friday we concluded our term by holding a K-12 Easter Assembly. This was an excellent opportunity for all members of our school community to remind ourselves once again that Easter is about much more than chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. We gratefully recognised the true Easter message which focuses on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son, through which all those who believe can have access to the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of eternal life.

Again, I was privileged to attend this Friday morning staff devotion where we had the opportunity to view a clip of Casting Crowns’ song ‘Who am I?’. I was so encouraged by the clear message presented here as we approach the Easter Season, that I have shared the link with you. I would encourage you to consider viewing this clip together as a family.

Whilst we can now look forward to a well-earned two week break with family and friends, there are many exciting activities planned for the remainder of the year at NCS. Week one of next term includes Anzac Day as well as the Canberra Camp for our Stage 3 Primary students and the Secondary Camp for all students in Years 7-12. Another of these forthcoming special activities was confirmed just this Thursday when we received news that 949 Power FM will be broadcasting live from our school between 7.00am – 9.00am on Thursday, 22 June. This promises to be a most memorable event and all students, parents and carers are cordially invited to attend and to join in the activities. We will progressively provide more details as the date for this event draws nearer.

On behalf of all staff, I would commend our students for the effort that they have put into their studies throughout this term. We would also wish all members of our school families a safe and restful holiday break. We trust that you will find time to relax and enjoy many special family occasions and we look forward to seeing you back with us again on Monday, 24 April when Term Two commences.

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