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Year 5/6 students get F.I.T!

Last Tuesday 21 March, Mrs Davey and 40 Stage 3 students from NCS hosted the Crusaders 'School Ministry Team' and 25 students from Shellharbour Anglican College & Illawarra Christian School for our twice-yearly Followers In Training (FIT) event.

FIT (Followers in Training) is a Christian leadership program designed to help Year 5 & 6 students grow in their faith, and to understand what a Christian leader is and how they can serve God at school.

This term the theme was "CRU leaders are servants" and students explored what the Bible has to say about this important topic. They also attended a practical elective session. The three options were: 1. Teaching a memory verse at school 2. Leading a game 3. Great ways to serve at school. Students and staff also enjoyed a delicious morning tea with home baked treats provided by some of our awesome families, and crisp apples generously donated by Shoalhaven Fruit Market.

We are excited to partner with the Crusader Union of Australia, a Bible-based, interdenominational Christian youth organisation whose vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students of the independent schools of Australia, to nurture Christians, encourage church membership and train young Christians for a life of servant leadership.

Here's some comments from two of our students who attended FIT and are also on our CRUteam as student leaders for CRUgroup.

Lilly Davie writes: Last week on Tuesday I went to FIT with some other student from NCS, Illawarra Christian School and Shellharbour Anglican College. We all went up to the MPC and had some yummy morning tea. We then went inside and listened to the bible talk. Next, in small groups, we went and did some small dramas of how we can serve other people in our community. We then divided into our electives. I was doing Jesus through games. I learnt, not only how to run games, but how they can relate to God. Overall I thought it was really fun! I learnt a lot about God and would definitely recommend it for anyone in Years 5 or 6 this year and in the coming years.

Darien Moore reports: FIT is an awesome event where you get to meet new friends. I got to play games and learn how to teach them too. FIT is when you are a "Follower In Training" to learn about Jesus. FIT is fun and exciting. I'd specially recommend FIT for anyone who wants to be encouraged to serve Jesus and others at school.

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