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KidsMatter Update Term 1, 2017

KidsMatter is a national initiative for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in Primary Schools. NCS joined this initiative halfway through 2015, and we are excited at the ongoing developing of our school within this framework. For those of you new to NCS or perhaps needing a reminder, you can read this Introducing KidsMatter Primary Factsheet .

The KidsMatter website is also a wonderful source of information - not just about this initiative, but also for helpful ideas and resources for your family. Visit primary and/or families section of the KidsMatter website.

Since we commenced KidsMatter in July 2015, we've focused on Component 1 - "Every face has a place" - building a community and sense of belonging. Our journey so far has included:

  • The KidsMatter Action Team at work - currently Amy Davey, Paul McLennan, Robyn Poulden, Kathy Bignell (staff) and Amy Weissel & Mick Finlay (parent representatives). You can contact us by email or speak to any of us personally for further information or discuss ideas!

  • 2 Information sessions to introduce KidsMatter to our school community. You might like to watch the "Introduction to KidsMatter" video

  • Staff training and professional development - a day/session from every conference week devoted to KidsMatter for everyone, plus targeted training for Action Team members.

  • Surveys of our students, staff and families - this information is guiding our ongoing planning and informing our KidsMatter Action Team decisions.

  • Celebrating Stress Less Day - October 2015/16 with positive, relaxing and stress-reducing activities to try.

  • Positive Paper Planes in Primary activity - end of Term 4 2015 celebrating belonging and caring

  • "Student Wellbeing Check-In" - our new initiative seeking even better communication and partnership with families.

  • "Every face has a place" Murals - celebrating how we belong together - check out the great pics from our assembly last week!

What's next? We are anticipating an exciting time during the first half of 2016, as we launch Component 2 - "Knowing me, knowing you, and getting along too". This component is all about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and teaching our children skills for healthy self management and positive relationships. More details soon, but we're excited to be launching a brand new SEL program "Second Step" across K-6, as well as continuing in partnership with Anglicare to offer further Mental Health Workshops, and a few other surprises! Stay tuned...

How can you be involved? As well as staying up to date as we share information and using the KidsMatter website, we are keen to have some adults from our families who might be willing to help out with one-off activities/events. Please let us know if you are interested in helping in this way. We have great books and resources in the library, including hard copies of KidsMatter Factsheets, that help in caring for the mental health of our kids and families. Please ask Mrs Bignell if you'd like some assistance with this. Finally, please keep talking with your family about how you can promote positive mental health and wellbeing together!

KidsMatter Action Team