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Olivia's film gains international recognition

Exciting news! Olivia Clifton’s short film ‘Peculiar Tides’ has gained international recognition!

The short film featuring an abstract seascape was chosen to be featured at the CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival in Washington. The film is one of only 20 films to be included at the festival which will be held in April 2017.

Olivia hopes to raise the funds to attend the festival where she will be interviewed by local and regional media and invited to speak at an artists' talk.

Olivia created the film as part of her Stage 5 Visual Arts elective, and filmed it at Callala Bay. She employed editing techniques to manipulate the moving images into a provocative and compelling film.

“I’m surprised and excited that the film has been recognised at an international level!” says Olivia.

Well done, Olivia! We wish you all the best!

Mr Bray Congratulates Olivia on her achievement

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