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Young people enriched at RYPEN

RYPEN is the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment which is run, each year, to give young people self confidence and self esteem and to enhance a belief in their abilities and talents. Students from Secondary Schools, all around the Shoalhaven, attend. This year, Kristy Price, Michael Beavan and Beck Yusuf attended from NCS.

Beck Yusuf tells of her time at RYPEN:

Kristy, Michael and I spent the weekend at a camp in Mogo called RYPEN, it was a great experience & loads of fun. We met a lot of new friends & everyone was so supportive & encouraging. There were some aspects of the camp activities that I was hesitant about but, because everyone was so encouraging, I felt more willing to participate & I came away from that feeling really good knowing I was able to accomplish something I might never have done or thought I could ever do.

Even though everyone was put into teams, everyone seemed to socialize with each other really well. I thought it was good that there wasn’t a large amount of people because I was able to meet & get to know the majority of them really well. The leaders have done a really great job with everything that they have to offer there & I really recommend it for anyone that has the chance to go.

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