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Carolyn Wearne

Piano and Keyboard

I have been involved with the peripatetic program for the last 19 or so years and for many of those years organised assemblies and been the overseer of tutors for the program .

I teach classical and contemporary genre my speciality is jazz and arranging music for all levels of students . I prepare students for both the ANZCA and AMEB practical and theory exams and HSC.

I have entered many students in the Shoalhaven eisteddfod over the past 22years and have enjoyed being adjudicators secretary for the last 6 years and accompanying both NCS choirs and Callala public schools choir in eisteddfods at different times.

I also play piano for my church most weeks .

​My philosophy to music if its not fun I have to think outside the box and find a way to help them love it . Music should be a fun part of their life. Carolyn has a full schedule at the moment, but does have a waiting list.


Carolyn Wearne



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