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InTech - Timber. Major Project Completion

A huge congratulations to our "Industrial Technology - Timber" students who have now completed their major projects.

The projects have now been marked by NESA and will soon adorn the homes of the students.

The projects are the culmination of many weeks and hours of work, including holidays and after school hours. The students are extremely proud of the high quality work they have been able to produce.

I would like to thank parents who have helped their students navigate this task. Two parents, in particular, Mark Crabtree and Gary Curline who, on a number of occasions gave up their own time to share their skill and help our students.

A big thanks also to Glyn Williams, a local furniture maker, who came into our school workshop a number of times to share his skill and knowledge to help our students with the construction of their projects.

Please enjoy the photos of these great projects.

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