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Le Tour de Worrigee and the French Day

Last Wednesday 14 June, dawned bright and sunny for our annual ‘Tour de Worrigee’.

Students lined up in teams and they were off and racing.

The first stage was held in the area where the buses drop students off in the morning. The ‘mountain’ stage was the rectangle between the office and the Church building. The time trials were 1 minute each on an exercise bike.

There was great enthusiasm and speed as teams battled for the chapeau jaune (yellow hat) which was the winner’s prize.

The next part of the day was baking mini chocolate croissants, constructing Eiffel tower models and doing jigsaws of French monuments. We then shared a French lunch together, with everyone bringing food to share. It was a feast!

The day ended with the movie, ‘Ratatouille’ and discussions of the Michelin guide for French restaurants (actually started by the Michelin brothers to sell more tyres, discovering more destinations for motorists to visit!).

Exercise / food / movie – what a combination! It was an exciting and fun filled day.

Already the class is proposing that they compete against the 2018 year 8, so that they can do it all again!

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