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CSSA Girls Netball

On Monday 19 June, ten of our Secondary girls travelled to Penrith for the CSSA Netball Gala Day. It was an early start for all us, leaving at 5.45am!

The girls played seven games of netball. The day started well with the team winning their first two games. We then came up against some really hard teams. Teams that play together on Saturday mornings in their local competition. The girls showed great team support and played admirably against these harder teams. As the day progressed their skills improved and they were really playing cohesively as a team.

The girls showed great sportsmanship, not only to other teams but especially in their own team. They were helping each other and very encouraging with one another. It was a privilege to see this team, which included girls from year 7 through to year 9, come together. Well done girls!

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