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Elevate visit NCS

On Monday, each year in our secondary school were privileged to participate in study skill workshops with Elevate Education.

Elevate present workshops aimed to help our students improve their study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence and lift exam performance. One technique shared with the students was Mnemonics – the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory.

Students completed a feedback survey. Here are just a few responses to the survey questions:

How would you rate the overall program:

‘I would rate it (the workshop) highly; they showed us new techniques on how to remember things.’

‘This program was valuable to me because it has expanded my knowledge on how to study.'

'It was well presented and kept you intrigued and attentive. I would highly recommend it.'

What was the most important thing you learned today?

'How helpful mnemonics are.'

'To be more aware of distractions that will take my attention while studying (learn to avoid these).'

'The most important thing I learnt was to make goals to live up to, and to plan.'

Can you suggest any improvements?

'No, it was pure gold!'

'Many students felt that they would like the sessions to be longer.'

Other comments:

‘I really loved the periodic table method thing!'

'It wasn’t boring and kept my attention in fact.'

'Thank you so much for coming.'

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