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Sorry Day March

On Friday 26 March, five students from NCS joined members of the community in the National Sorry Day March.

About 300 people marched across the Shoalhaven Bridge to the Bomaderry Children’s Home. The day marked 20 years since the Bringing Them Home report was handed down, which detailed the trauma caused by the forced removal of Indigenous children because of the colour of their skin.

Those children became known as the Stolen Generations. The students heard both humorous and sad stories from members of the Stolen Generations who lived at the Bomaderry homes as children.

We looked at historic photos and toured the memorial garden where purple poppies were laid in remembrance. We also enjoyed some Aboriginal music and dancing, food and story-telling.

“I connected with more of my background.” “I learnt the true meaning of Sorry Day.” “I learnt more about our history and the heritage of Aboriginal people. I learnt it was good for elders to pass stories on to the younger generation so we can know about the tragic events that happened.” “Walking across the bridge was significant because we all marched together.” “I liked watching the Cullunghutti preschool students dancing the spirit dance and black cockatoo dance.”

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