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Instrumental Eisteddfod results

This time a year ago two percussion groups from the primary school performed in the eisteddfod. We had recently received a delivery of instruments to the school and primary school instrumental students had just received them and learnt to assemble them!

A year later, and I am amazed to have students who have enthusiastically learnt their instruments to a level of proficiency which has enabled me to form a Junior Band and take it to the Eisteddfod. They played very well and were placed second in their section of five bands.

I am very proud of our students, especially for their team work and the way they are able to play at such a high standard after such a short time. They are to be commended on such an outstanding achievement!

We took 31 students to the Instrumental Eisteddfod with the following results:

Matt Becker, Josh Davey, Michael Beavan - 1st Place Secondary Instrumental Group Michael Beavan, Leyton Walsh - 1st Place Secondary Duet Emily Kilby, Jonathan Walsh - 2nd Place Secondary Duet Nowra Christian School Junior Band - 2nd Place Primary School Band Year 4 Percussion Group - Highly Commended

A big thank you to Mrs Perry who accompanied us to the Eisteddfod. Matt Drury and Mel Kilby who have been a wonderful support to the music program in our school, were also there to help in various ways. It was lovely to see quite a few of our parents in the audience supporting our students.

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