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What's happening in Science?

The Science Department has been busy this term with lots of interesting practicals and thought-provoking topics. Year 7 has learned how to use the laboratories safely and has made density columns to investigate the particle theory; separated solids and liquids and is currently investigating chromatography as an important health tool.

Year 8 have spent time investigating the role of plants in ecosystems and the ways plants can reproduce. They have even managed to grow some new wheat for the tech garden bed.

Year 9 are enjoying learning about ecosystems and have been practicing the capture-recapture method of estimating an animal population with tiny teddies. (All Tiny Teddies were harmed in the making of this experiment, although sadly for Year 9, none were eaten!)

Year 10 Science have been studying Genetics and Biotechnology and considering family trees and the probabilities of handing on traits. They haven't done any Frankenstein-like experiments, but they have evaluated some different genetic modifications, including see-through frogs! In Physics students have been studying dynamics - seeing how matter moves and interacts according to universal laws. One of the key apparatus that demonstrates elastic collisions is a Newton cradle. We can see from the cradle, the law of conservation of momentum (and kinetic energy) in action. If you have one of these at home, you can answer the question; What happens if I lift one, two or three balls and have them strike the stationary balls - how many balls are affected?